Weekly Wrap 21

Well this hasn’t been weekly for quite awhile anyway, I’m trying to fix that problem, I should have it fixed very soon .
Things have been so crazy, but I think we are starting to get things rolling smoothly.

So Here it is my week of workouts.

Sunday and Monday were rest days from our 15 mile run on Saturday. Monday I walked with the kids and dogs for 1.5 miles.
Tuesday we (Ken, Faith, Camer
on and I) ran 6 miles, and walked 1.5 miles

20160915_193853Wednesday Ken and I ran 3.37 miles, walked 3 miles.

Thursday We again ran 6.15 miles and walked 2 miles.
Friday rest and walked 2.5 miles.

Saturday Ken and I ran 18 miles, Cameron ran the first six with us than rode his bike with us for the last 12 miles. I have to say I thought I was going to die at 16.5 miles, but I was saved by some nice cold water my husband was able to get for me, than we were off again to finish our run, also we walked 3 miles.

So this week I was able to run 33.52 miles and walk 13.5 miles.

We are quickly coming to our marathon, we are running in the Soldiers Marathon on 11-12. I sure hope we will be prepared, we have been working so  hard for this marathon. But this is our first and we don’t really know what to expect. I fear we maybe overlooking something.

So do any seasoned marathoners have any advice for us marathon newbies?
I would be very happy to hear about what has helped you, or what hasn’t.

Or what helped you to finish strong?


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Weekly Wrap #20

I’m back
After a long break, hope you didn’t miss my posts too much.😜

We were quite busy this summer and I decided to take a break on my blog to really enjoy our time together during our summer excursions.

Here is a short summary of some things we did during our summer break.
First our absolutely amazing Granddaughter was born. I can’t see her too often or hold her too much. Love her so much.imageimage

We did the Lilac 10 K run in Mackinac island Michigan.image

And we visited our family in Michigan and also visited Oscoda Michigan where my husband and  I lived 25 years ago, and had our first child.

Completed our first Tri at Callaway Gardens ,so we are now Triathlete’s who hoo!😃


Our house was a mess as we sanded and stained our wood floors , they look great but it was a lot of work and I ‘m still finding dust.

The beach was our best friend, we so love summer, wish it was a little longer.imageimage 

We are so sad it went by so quickly, it seems school is starting to soon. Our kids weren’t happy with the first day of school today.😩

My weekly workouts are still smaller than before ,as I have been having some work done on my legs. Which is another reason for the  break this summer.

Thursday-ran 4 miles, walked a mile
Saturday-ran 3.7 miles, walked one mile
Sunday again we ran 3.7 miles, walked a mile

Not great but its something, anything is better than nothing.


My husband and I went to see Clink Black, so fun our favorite song is “Something That We Do”.

Really need to get back to work training, as our first marathon is quickly approaching .


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Weekly Wrap # 19 – Danger Squirrel crossing !!!

This has been a nice week, I was able to be active enough and have fun with family and friends.WeeklyWrap

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Monday – I swam 400 m in 12:36 Yah! Starting to feel more confident and looking forward to the Tri, I don’t have high expectations but I feel I can do it now, I’m not as worried as I used to be.  Thinking it should be fun.


Tuesday – Yoga for runners, so glad I was able to accomplish this one, it’s been hard to fit in lately. Later ran 4.41 miles, planned on a longer run but Faith was running with a new pair of shoes which were hurting her feet, so we cut it short.

Wednesday – Ran 5.59 miles with Ken and the dogs, I was tired for some reason but I finished ,not with the best time , but a slow 5.59 miles is still 5.59 miles.

Thursday – Rest

Isn't he adorable!
Isn’t he adorable!

Friday – Swim, my watch some how failed to show my time , more than likely a user error. So I cant tell what time I finished in but I only stopped once, I hope to swim it next week without any stops.

Saturday – We went to Callaway again for a seven mile bike ride and a four mile run.We had two more of the kids tagalog with us, it was a lot of fun. I was pulling Hannah on the tagalong, which next time will have a training wheel on it, as Hannah was having trouble balancing it. She saw a squirrel on the trail and I swear she took on the squirrel’s suicidal tendencies. We almost bit the big one. We webbled and wobbled and didn’t fall down, it was a miracle .
We  went to a friends son’s birthday party later in the day.imageimage20160521_102958

On the way home from the Party, Ken saw this little kitten in the middle of the road , she was literally between the two yellow lines on a busy road. Of course we turned around and picked her up, she was so scared. When we got her home I think she wished to be back on the road as we have so many dogs she was so scared. We were quickly able to find her a home, as she is so adorable. So glad we came by when we did or things may not of turned out so well for this sweet kitty.image

SundayWesley and William came over after church for their birthday celebration. We had lots of fun, they played the WII for a while. Ede made them a cake with there favorite super heroes Batman and Superman.image20160522_161549

20160522_143913Our next run will be the Lilac 10k on Mackinaw Island in MI on June 4th, Ken, Faith, Cameron, Hannah and myself will be running in it. This will be Cameron’s and Hannah’s first 10K, I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do. So proud of them for taking on this challenge.

lilac10kLilac MapimagesMackinac Run

Psalms 145:9 

The LORD is good to all:and his tender mercies are over all his works.

Five things I loved about the 2016 Fight For Air Climb

Five things I loved about the 2016 Fight For Air ClimbDC-Trifecta-Friday-Five-linkup

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We just parked and looking forward to the Climb.

The Fight For Air Climb is run by the American Lung Association. imageYou raise money for research , education and assistance for those who struggle for each breath they take. Than you climb 51 floors to the top of 191 PeachTree Towers, a total of 1,272 steps.20160416_08043520140325_135924

The first thing I loved about the event is that more was raised this year than last year, in order to support awareness and research for new treatments. The goal was $225,000 but $290,310 was raised. Every dollar that is raised is well used to benefit those who have lung conditions, so that they in the future will have more options for their care.F4airClimb2016-28-X3 (1)

20160416_085526The second thing I loved about the climb this year is I was able to help with a water station at the top. It was so much fun to see the climb from a different perspective. I was really upset that I couldn’t climb, but I was blessed to be able to help those who could, and to see how much they put into their climb. It was quite amazing to see the Firefighters when they reached the top. They are really amazing in how they give it their all, even for a climb to the top of 191 PeachTree Towers.

The view from the TOP.

F4airClimb2016-371-X3F4airClimb2016-65-X3F4airClimb2016-80-X3 (1)

The third thing I loved about the climb was that our family raised more funds this year than the two years prior. And on our team (Mary Jo’s Crazy Climbers) we had Five team members.20160416_092752

The fourth thing I loved is that Oluf signed up and climbed in my place, in honor of his PaPa and in memory of his Nanny. So my place was filled, and he climbed it so well. I was very proud of him as well as the rest of my family.image

The fifth thing I loved is that we were finally able to interest two other people to climb in it this year. And it was pretty cool they had a live feed so you could watch as people finished their climb.

Ken finished his climb in 11:03, he placed 3rd in AG
Faith finished in 13:04, she was 1st in AG
Mary finished in 19:05, she was in 6th inAG
Oluf finished in 19:08, he was 3rd in AG

I was quite proud of all my team, they did great. I was also proud and very thankful for all that our Firefighters do for us, they are true heroes.image

Romans 15:1-2

We than that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the week, and not to please ourselves.

Let everyone of us please (his) neighbor for (his) good to edification.

Thinking out Loud Thursday-May the Fourth (miler) be with You – Recap

May the Fourth (miler) be with You – Recap
Held on May 4th ( Star Wars day)


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 Today I’m thinking about the run we did on May the 4th , as a family. This is a little late, we have been so busy with school coming to an end and everything else. It seems like everything always has to come at once. But anyhow here it is finally.

We had a lot do in order to prepare for this run, we had to get ready early because we picked up my daughter’s dog on the way to town. She so loves to run with us, so we bring her along for the run sometimes.

Than we picked up Oluf and Mary at school, went to TacoBell for dinner. Than we dropped Oluf off at his brothers’ house since he wasn’t going to run with us this time. After all that we were able to get on the road for the trip through rush hour traffic, we were a little worried we might be late, but it all worked out and we had more time than needed to get the bibs and adjust our costumes and even warm-up some before the race.IMG_0346

Faith’s dog can’t run because he doesn’t have good hips, so she made his running stroller into a pod racer. It was so cute, he loves it when she brings him along. The only thing she doesn’t like is that it makes her slower. But when we have a race that allows dogs she won’t leave him behind.20160504_181732The course was very nice, it was in a lovely park( Brook Run Park) in Dunwoody, GA. MapWe looped through it a few times, we only had to cross roads. Which made it pretty safe, sometimes the cars are quite scary in some races we are in.

20160504_180623This was my first race since I was hurt, and I was a little worried about how well I would do, my goal was to just do my best.

Hannah was Ray and Rexy was Chewy.
Hannah was Rey and Rexy was Chewy.

The course had a lot of small hills, just little ones so it wasn’t so bad. I only saw Ken for a short while and I didn’t see any others in my family until about the second mile.

I heard a runner coming up behind me and I thought they run just like my son Cameron. I don’t know why I didn’t think it was him but as he passed me I was shocked and so proud of him. I told him he was doing great and that if he kept up that pace he would make a new PR and finish in front of me. Later I found out that was his goal for the race to finish before or with me. He did just that he finished just before me, I’m so proud of what he has accomplished, he has struggled so much trying to work on his speed.

Here are all our times.
Ken came in first at 35:41 he was the 19th to cross the finish, was the 16th male, 2nd in AG.
Cameron was next at 40:03 he was the 35th runner to finish,he was the 24th male, and was 3rd in AG.13123371_1003365713081992_5232032670394009531_o
I was next at 40:06 I was the 36th to finish, was the 12th female and I was 1st in masters overall.13198366_1003365853081978_5570825515612216483_o
Than Faith came in at 47:27, she was the 62nd to finish, was the 32nd female, she placed 2nd in her AG.

This wasn’t of them at the finish but it was during the run.

Hannah came in next at 50:19, she was the 72nd to finish, she was the 41 st female, she placed 1st in AG.
Mary was next at 59:48, she was the 90th runner in, was the 53rd female to finish, she placed 2nd in AG. She did great since she didn’t train for this run much at all. I think she decided to train next time.20160504_193113

 The shirts are great, my family has worn them a lot. They also had finisher medals and cool bibs.

imageThis was quite a lot of fun, my family really enjoyed running in costume. I’m thinking this is one we would like to do again next year as most of my family are crazy for anything Star Wars.

Psalm 8:3-4

When I consider thy heavens, the work of they fingers, the moon and stars, which thou hast ordained;

What is man that, that thou art mindful of him?