Weekly Wrap #24/ Busy, Busy, Dreadfully Busy…..


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We’re busy, busy, dreadfully busy…… What can I say but when your an active mother of many you have to pick and chose what is most important.  My blogging cannot come before my family. So from time to time my posts will be few and far between.☹️

This was at Yamaha Family Day.

A lot has been accomplished since my last post, I will only cover some highlights.

Hannah won this playing one of the carnival games, she was so proud of it.😄


First of all, we ran in the Lottie Moon run it was great fun . Emma ran her first 5 K , Cameron made a PR and was 1st place overall for the under 40. Faith was 1st place over all for the under 40 as well. I love the fact that so many of our children are running along with us. Seven of our children ran with us this year .We were going to have 8 but our daughter got sick and couldn’t participate. Maybe next year.



Ken and Faith completed their 1,000 mile challenge. Faith was starting to worry but she did it!  Just like I knew she would. 😉Cameron said he wants to try the challenge this coming year.😊

We are just a few days from our first marathon, the Soldiers Marathon. Ready or not here it comes.😬We have put so much time and sweat into preparing for this marathon , hope that we finish without any injuries. Not sure what our time will be but whatever time we finish in will be a PR.😜

Hopefully it won’t take me to long to post the recap.

Not much to post for runs this week as we will be running that marathon this Saturday. Have a nice safe week and be active.

Colossians  3:23-24

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

Weekly Wrap # 23


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This week has been really busy and we enjoyed our runs/walks/bike rides.

My daughters had a slumber party on Friday which was quite fun. They played Clue, flashlight tag and watched Me Before You. Thats  a movie you need a few boxes of tissues to go with it.😭

Most of Saturday was used fighting traffic returning their friends back home.

I also celebrated my 48th birthday Saturday.🙂

9-25 Sunday was or rest day from last weeks long run.We spent the day with our family, playing games and watching football.

9-26 Monday we ran 6.2 easy miles and walked 1.5 miles.

9-27 Tuesday we went out to run stretched and walked and just as we were about to start our run it down pored. We took cover under an eve to see if it would pass by soon. We weren’t lucky, I guess we weren’t meant to run that day. ☹ We did however walk 1.5 miles.

9-28 Wednesday we again couldn’t run , because my husband was pretty late getting home, but I did walk 1.5 miles.

9-29 Thursday We ran 6.66 miles and walked 4.5 miles.

9-30 Friday ran 3.2 miles and walked 4 miles.20161001_190415
10-1 Saturday Ken and I ran 19.25 miles and Cameron biked with us for first13.25 miles and ran the last few miles with us. We had planned on running another mile or two but we were so wore out,we couldn’t   keep on going. It may’ve something to do with a slumber party or that we were running late instead of earlier in the day as usual.

One of many deers we saw while running this evening .

So this week I ran a total of – 35.31miles
Walked a total of – 18.5miles.
Total miles ran for 2016 are – 1056.31
Total run/walked miles – 1074.81

This week we didn’t log as many miles, as last week , but I still think it was a good one.

This coming weekend will be the Lottie Moon run/walk our church holds every year. So if you are looking for a run come and join us we would be happy to see you there. It will start at 9:00, Saturday the 8th.
The Soldiers Marathon is another week closer,this will be our first marathon. We are looking forward to it, hopping we ‘ll be ready.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen

Phil 4:23

Weekly Wrap #22 & 1,000 Mile Challenge Completed


This week has been pretty good we really enjoyed our runs/walks/bike rides. The weather is so much nicer. I love the cooler weather that fall brings. I also love to have the leaves crunch under my feet.

Sunday was our rest day from last weeks long run. We spent the day with our family, playing games and watching football. But best of all playing with our granddaughter.
Monday we ran 5.69 easy miles and walked 1.5 miles.
Tuesday we only ran 3.2 because we were tired and walked 1.5 miles.My new shoes came in and I was able to wear them on my run. I love  how  it feels when you lace up a new pair and take them for a run. Its like running on pillows.


Wednesday we ran 6 miles, walked 2 miles.
Thursday We ran 6.31 miles and walked 3 miles.
Friday rest and walked 2.6 miles.

Saturday Ken and I ran 20 miles and Faith and Cameron ran the first six with us then biked with us for the last 14 miles. This time we took walk breaks every mile for 30 seconds, as it is supposed to help save energy and time. It did work we ran each mile from 30 seconds to a minute faster, and I never felt like I was going to die . I was tired but it wasn’t as bad as last week’s long run. So we are quite happy , I haven’t decided if I’ll do this for our Marathon yet, but we’ll see.


On this weeks 20 miler I was able to completed my thousandth mile for this years Thousand Mile Challenge.

So this week I ran a total of – 41.2 miles
Walked a total of – 15.25 miles.
Total miles for 2016 are – 1021.14.
I reached my thousand mile challenge for the year.
I think this was a pretty productive week.

The Soldiers Marathon is another week closer, it will be here quickly. It is to be held on 11/12 and will start at 8 AM, which is better than last years start time . Which was at 7 AM and we barely got there in time to get our bibs and in place. We ran in the Half Marathon last year. We are looking forward to it and also a little worried. I would be very grateful for any advice on how to better prepare for this marathon, since we haven’t done one before.


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Hebrews 12:1

… let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

Weekly Wrap 21

Well this hasn’t been weekly for quite awhile anyway, I’m trying to fix that problem, I should have it fixed very soon .
Things have been so crazy, but I think we are starting to get things rolling smoothly.

So Here it is my week of workouts.

Sunday and Monday were rest days from our 15 mile run on Saturday. Monday I walked with the kids and dogs for 1.5 miles.
Tuesday we (Ken, Faith, Camer
on and I) ran 6 miles, and walked 1.5 miles

20160915_193853Wednesday Ken and I ran 3.37 miles, walked 3 miles.

Thursday We again ran 6.15 miles and walked 2 miles.
Friday rest and walked 2.5 miles.

Saturday Ken and I ran 18 miles, Cameron ran the first six with us than rode his bike with us for the last 12 miles. I have to say I thought I was going to die at 16.5 miles, but I was saved by some nice cold water my husband was able to get for me, than we were off again to finish our run, also we walked 3 miles.

So this week I was able to run 33.52 miles and walk 13.5 miles.

We are quickly coming to our marathon, we are running in the Soldiers Marathon on 11-12. I sure hope we will be prepared, we have been working so  hard for this marathon. But this is our first and we don’t really know what to expect. I fear we maybe overlooking something.

So do any seasoned marathoners have any advice for us marathon newbies?
I would be very happy to hear about what has helped you, or what hasn’t.

Or what helped you to finish strong?


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Weekly Wrap #20

I’m back
After a long break, hope you didn’t miss my posts too much.😜

We were quite busy this summer and I decided to take a break on my blog to really enjoy our time together during our summer excursions.

Here is a short summary of some things we did during our summer break.
First our absolutely amazing Granddaughter was born. I can’t see her too often or hold her too much. Love her so much.imageimage

We did the Lilac 10 K run in Mackinac island Michigan.image

And we visited our family in Michigan and also visited Oscoda Michigan where my husband and  I lived 25 years ago, and had our first child.

Completed our first Tri at Callaway Gardens ,so we are now Triathlete’s who hoo!😃


Our house was a mess as we sanded and stained our wood floors , they look great but it was a lot of work and I ‘m still finding dust.

The beach was our best friend, we so love summer, wish it was a little longer.imageimage 

We are so sad it went by so quickly, it seems school is starting to soon. Our kids weren’t happy with the first day of school today.😩

My weekly workouts are still smaller than before ,as I have been having some work done on my legs. Which is another reason for the  break this summer.

Thursday-ran 4 miles, walked a mile
Saturday-ran 3.7 miles, walked one mile
Sunday again we ran 3.7 miles, walked a mile

Not great but its something, anything is better than nothing.


My husband and I went to see Clink Black, so fun our favorite song is “Something That We Do”.

Really need to get back to work training, as our first marathon is quickly approaching .


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