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Five things I loved about the 2016 Fight For Air Climb

Five things I loved about the 2016 Fight For Air ClimbDC-Trifecta-Friday-Five-linkup

I am linking up with these wonderful bloggers ,Cynthia at You Signed Up for What , Mar at Mar on the Run and Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC ,for the Friday five.image

We just parked and looking forward to the Climb.

The Fight For Air Climb is run by the American Lung Association. imageYou raise money for research , education and assistance for those who struggle for each breath they take. Than you climb 51 floors to the top of 191 PeachTree Towers, a total of 1,272 steps.20160416_08043520140325_135924

The first thing I loved about the event is that more was raised this year than last year, in order to support awareness and research for new treatments. The goal was $225,000 but $290,310 was raised. Every dollar that is raised is well used to benefit those who have lung conditions, so that they in the future will have more options for their care.F4airClimb2016-28-X3 (1)

20160416_085526The second thing I loved about the climb this year is I was able to help with a water station at the top. It was so much fun to see the climb from a different perspective. I was really upset that I couldn’t climb, but I was blessed to be able to help those who could, and to see how much they put into their climb. It was quite amazing to see the Firefighters when they reached the top. They are really amazing in how they give it their all, even for a climb to the top of 191 PeachTree Towers.

The view from the TOP.

F4airClimb2016-371-X3F4airClimb2016-65-X3F4airClimb2016-80-X3 (1)

The third thing I loved about the climb was that our family raised more funds this year than the two years prior. And on our team (Mary Jo’s Crazy Climbers) we had Five team members.20160416_092752

The fourth thing I loved is that Oluf signed up and climbed in my place, in honor of his PaPa and in memory of his Nanny. So my place was filled, and he climbed it so well. I was very proud of him as well as the rest of my family.image

The fifth thing I loved is that we were finally able to interest two other people to climb in it this year. And it was pretty cool they had a live feed so you could watch as people finished their climb.

Ken finished his climb in 11:03, he placed 3rd in AG
Faith finished in 13:04, she was 1st in AG
Mary finished in 19:05, she was in 6th inAG
Oluf finished in 19:08, he was 3rd in AG

I was quite proud of all my team, they did great. I was also proud and very thankful for all that our Firefighters do for us, they are true heroes.image

Romans 15:1-2

We than that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the week, and not to please ourselves.

Let everyone of us please (his) neighbor for (his) good to edification.

Friday Five- Five Things I Love about Clif Builder’s Bars

Friday Five- Five Things I Love about Clif Builder’s Protein Bars

I am linking up with these wonderful bloggers ,Cynthia at You Signed Up for What , Mar at Mar on the Run  and Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC ,for the Friday five.DC-Trifecta-Friday-Five-linkup

1. They don’t taste like cardboard, they are really good. My kids like to eat them over regular candy bars. I think they are the best tasting protein bar I have found.


2. They have 20g Protein which will help rebuild your muscles after your run or workout. I want to rebuild my muscle and not lose them. If you want less than 20g protein than just eat half a bar and save the other for later. I eat a whole one after my long runs.image

3. Have lots of different flavors so you can find the ones you like most. My favorites are Chocolate Peanut Butter and Vanilla Almond. There are several flavors to try , a few of the flavors are Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Cookies’N Cream and Crunchy Peanut Butter. I’m sure you’ll find some you love.

IMG_9618 copy4. They are easy to eat when you need some energy, you can keep one in your gym bag or purse ,so if you don’t have time for lunch you can munch on one. And they are nice for an after school snack for the kids.

5. They are low glycemic and mostly organic ingredients and 13 vitamins and minerals. And No trans fats only good fats are used. The only thing that could make these better be if they had less calories. But if you use them when needed and not eat them because they taste so good, you should be fine.image

You can find Clif bars at your grocery store.
Or you can order them directly from Clif Bar. Cliff Bar Store
Cliff Bar gave me some bars to do this review but all opinions are mine.

What is your favorite Clif Bar flavor?

Friday Five- Five Reasons I LOVE Trail Running

Five Reasons I LOVE Trail Running

I am linking up with Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for the Friday five.


1. It’s a great workout you work your core. It’s like combining running , hiking and plyometrics all in one workout. You find muscles you didn’t know you had. You have to dodge branches , jump over rocks, cross rivers and your always looking ahead at what is next.20151121_100932

2. You get stronger and faster. The constant changes of the terrain , help you with your foot-eye coordination and balance. And you burn more calories whoo hoo!20160109_100900

3. Trail running is always a challenge, you never know what the next turn will bring or what may cross your path. The hills seem to be steeper and the terrain rough.image

4. It’s Quiet and Beautiful you never get bored. I have to stop and take pictures some times because its so pretty. And there is no car-exhaust to gag you as a truck drives by, just fresh clean air.image

5. It’s Fun we always enjoy our trail runs and our dogs love it even more. When they see we are going on a trail run ,you can see they are over joyed with the fun ahead on the trails.Processed with MOLDIV

So if you have been thinking of heading to the trails don’t put it off any more, go out and enjoy nature. Just be careful it can be dangerous, so take a running buddy and a phone and slow down when needed.Trail running needs your mind to be in what your doing, so you don’t get hurt. Be safe and have fun!.facebook_1457066247170

Psalm 16:11                                                                                                                                 O Lord, “You have madeknown to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”image

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Friday Five- Five Things I love About OOFOS Recovery Sandals

Five Things I love About OOFOS Recovery Sandals

I am linking up with Cynthia at You Signed Up for What and Mar at Mar on the Run for the Friday five.image

1. They are made of energy absorbing foam, they absorb 37% more shock than traditional foam. They give your tired feet impact protection, so they can recover quickly.image

2.  They gave instant relief to my sore feet. They support and  cradle  your arch, so you can rest your feet while you walk. All it takes is a few steps before you are in love with these sandals.image

3.    They are lightweight so your feet and knees can take a break from all they do for you. Don’t your feet deserve some R+R, mine sure do.

4.    These amazing OOFOS are also water and Bacteria resistant, which make them nice for gym showers. You can also wash them in your washing machine.

5.     But what I love most about the OOFOS recovery sandals is how much my love them. They are truly the most comfortable sandals I have had the pleasure to wear.image

Hello OOFOS Goodbye Sore Feet

They have many colors to choose from. You can get them in a thong (flip flop), slip on sandal or clog.

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Do you have sore feet after a long hard run?

Don’t you think your feet deserve a break after a good hard work out?