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Thinking out Loud Thursday-May the Fourth (miler) be with You – Recap

May the Fourth (miler) be with You – Recap
Held on May 4th ( Star Wars day)


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 Today I’m thinking about the run we did on May the 4th , as a family. This is a little late, we have been so busy with school coming to an end and everything else. It seems like everything always has to come at once. But anyhow here it is finally.

We had a lot do in order to prepare for this run, we had to get ready early because we picked up my daughter’s dog on the way to town. She so loves to run with us, so we bring her along for the run sometimes.

Than we picked up Oluf and Mary at school, went to TacoBell for dinner. Than we dropped Oluf off at his brothers’ house since he wasn’t going to run with us this time. After all that we were able to get on the road for the trip through rush hour traffic, we were a little worried we might be late, but it all worked out and we had more time than needed to get the bibs and adjust our costumes and even warm-up some before the race.IMG_0346

Faith’s dog can’t run because he doesn’t have good hips, so she made his running stroller into a pod racer. It was so cute, he loves it when she brings him along. The only thing she doesn’t like is that it makes her slower. But when we have a race that allows dogs she won’t leave him behind.20160504_181732The course was very nice, it was in a lovely park( Brook Run Park) in Dunwoody, GA. MapWe looped through it a few times, we only had to cross roads. Which made it pretty safe, sometimes the cars are quite scary in some races we are in.

20160504_180623This was my first race since I was hurt, and I was a little worried about how well I would do, my goal was to just do my best.

Hannah was Ray and Rexy was Chewy.
Hannah was Rey and Rexy was Chewy.

The course had a lot of small hills, just little ones so it wasn’t so bad. I only saw Ken for a short while and I didn’t see any others in my family until about the second mile.

I heard a runner coming up behind me and I thought they run just like my son Cameron. I don’t know why I didn’t think it was him but as he passed me I was shocked and so proud of him. I told him he was doing great and that if he kept up that pace he would make a new PR and finish in front of me. Later I found out that was his goal for the race to finish before or with me. He did just that he finished just before me, I’m so proud of what he has accomplished, he has struggled so much trying to work on his speed.

Here are all our times.
Ken came in first at 35:41 he was the 19th to cross the finish, was the 16th male, 2nd in AG.
Cameron was next at 40:03 he was the 35th runner to finish,he was the 24th male, and was 3rd in AG.13123371_1003365713081992_5232032670394009531_o
I was next at 40:06 I was the 36th to finish, was the 12th female and I was 1st in masters overall.13198366_1003365853081978_5570825515612216483_o
Than Faith came in at 47:27, she was the 62nd to finish, was the 32nd female, she placed 2nd in her AG.

This wasn’t of them at the finish but it was during the run.

Hannah came in next at 50:19, she was the 72nd to finish, she was the 41 st female, she placed 1st in AG.
Mary was next at 59:48, she was the 90th runner in, was the 53rd female to finish, she placed 2nd in AG. She did great since she didn’t train for this run much at all. I think she decided to train next time.20160504_193113

 The shirts are great, my family has worn them a lot. They also had finisher medals and cool bibs.

imageThis was quite a lot of fun, my family really enjoyed running in costume. I’m thinking this is one we would like to do again next year as most of my family are crazy for anything Star Wars.

Psalm 8:3-4

When I consider thy heavens, the work of they fingers, the moon and stars, which thou hast ordained;

What is man that, that thou art mindful of him?