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Thinking out Loud Thursday-May the Fourth (miler) be with You – Recap

May the Fourth (miler) be with You – Recap
Held on May 4th ( Star Wars day)


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 Today I’m thinking about the run we did on May the 4th , as a family. This is a little late, we have been so busy with school coming to an end and everything else. It seems like everything always has to come at once. But anyhow here it is finally.

We had a lot do in order to prepare for this run, we had to get ready early because we picked up my daughter’s dog on the way to town. She so loves to run with us, so we bring her along for the run sometimes.

Than we picked up Oluf and Mary at school, went to TacoBell for dinner. Than we dropped Oluf off at his brothers’ house since he wasn’t going to run with us this time. After all that we were able to get on the road for the trip through rush hour traffic, we were a little worried we might be late, but it all worked out and we had more time than needed to get the bibs and adjust our costumes and even warm-up some before the race.IMG_0346

Faith’s dog can’t run because he doesn’t have good hips, so she made his running stroller into a pod racer. It was so cute, he loves it when she brings him along. The only thing she doesn’t like is that it makes her slower. But when we have a race that allows dogs she won’t leave him behind.20160504_181732The course was very nice, it was in a lovely park( Brook Run Park) in Dunwoody, GA. MapWe looped through it a few times, we only had to cross roads. Which made it pretty safe, sometimes the cars are quite scary in some races we are in.

20160504_180623This was my first race since I was hurt, and I was a little worried about how well I would do, my goal was to just do my best.

Hannah was Ray and Rexy was Chewy.
Hannah was Rey and Rexy was Chewy.

The course had a lot of small hills, just little ones so it wasn’t so bad. I only saw Ken for a short while and I didn’t see any others in my family until about the second mile.

I heard a runner coming up behind me and I thought they run just like my son Cameron. I don’t know why I didn’t think it was him but as he passed me I was shocked and so proud of him. I told him he was doing great and that if he kept up that pace he would make a new PR and finish in front of me. Later I found out that was his goal for the race to finish before or with me. He did just that he finished just before me, I’m so proud of what he has accomplished, he has struggled so much trying to work on his speed.

Here are all our times.
Ken came in first at 35:41 he was the 19th to cross the finish, was the 16th male, 2nd in AG.
Cameron was next at 40:03 he was the 35th runner to finish,he was the 24th male, and was 3rd in AG.13123371_1003365713081992_5232032670394009531_o
I was next at 40:06 I was the 36th to finish, was the 12th female and I was 1st in masters overall.13198366_1003365853081978_5570825515612216483_o
Than Faith came in at 47:27, she was the 62nd to finish, was the 32nd female, she placed 2nd in her AG.

This wasn’t of them at the finish but it was during the run.

Hannah came in next at 50:19, she was the 72nd to finish, she was the 41 st female, she placed 1st in AG.
Mary was next at 59:48, she was the 90th runner in, was the 53rd female to finish, she placed 2nd in AG. She did great since she didn’t train for this run much at all. I think she decided to train next time.20160504_193113

 The shirts are great, my family has worn them a lot. They also had finisher medals and cool bibs.

imageThis was quite a lot of fun, my family really enjoyed running in costume. I’m thinking this is one we would like to do again next year as most of my family are crazy for anything Star Wars.

Psalm 8:3-4

When I consider thy heavens, the work of they fingers, the moon and stars, which thou hast ordained;

What is man that, that thou art mindful of him?


Spartan Sprint Recap

Spartan Sprint RecapPostImage_WEB

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I have to say I was worried about this race for quite awhile, thinking I may have made a mistake WHAT WAS I THINKING , I’m not Wonder Woman. Yet here I was going to do this Spartan Sprint.

We had to get there about 2 hours before our start time, we arrived a little late but all went smoothly.
Once we got to the bag pick up line , my eyes bulged upon seeing the ropes because they were so tall. Do you remember that rope my husband put in our pecan tree? That is nothing compared to the ropes they had here. This is when I figured I would be doing more burpees than I thought I would.
30 burpees are the punishment for not completing the obstacles . I thought “awesome I’ll be doing so many burpees that I won’t be able to walk comfortably for days”.

Not one of our pictures
Not one of our pictures

 We picked up our bags, putting on our wristbands and headbands. Afterward we dropped off our bags, which were filled with clean clothes for when we had completed it. I was thinking I wasn’t prepared like I should be since everyone else had really big bags, I thought ‘GREAT WHAT ELSE WILL I MESS UP!’PART_1457313668845_20160305_083033

We where off at 9:00, I was so happy when I got over the SMALL wall at the beginning, it gave me a confidence boost which I was in need of.

The first of many obstacles were the walls to climb, they weren’t easy but I was able climb over them without too much difficulty. They kept getting taller and taller, at the last one everyone was helping the other Spartans over, because I don’t really think there are too many people who could climb it without assistance.

The obstacles that had me climbing, were really hard for me since I have a fear of heights. I almost froze on a few, I was shaking and my legs were weak once I was down, but I came through them without burpees, YIPEEE!

Not one of our pictures, But I Conquered this one!
Not one of our pictures, But I Conquered this one!
It was really BIG!
It was really BIG!
Smaller but still tough as it wobbled!
Smaller but still tough as it wobbled!

I had to do burpees 3 times WHOOPEE! For the rope of course , the monkey bars and for the spear throw. I was standing on the rope that was connected to the spear so of corse it didn’t stick into the hay bale,it just plopped on the ground a few feet away. Brilliant huh! I would’ve done more if Ken didn’t help me with the rings and bars, I was on his shoulders and grabbed the rings and bars. If I had been in the elite group I wouldn’t be allowed any help.

I did manage to stay mud free until about half way through the run, not sure why I even tried to stay clean.
There was an obstacle we came to that we couldn’t see until after climbing a small hill.  I really couldn’t believe what I saw we were shocked.  It was a big pit of muddy water with a wall in the middle you had to go under that wall and climb up the other muddy side. Anyway, I looked at it and wondered again what was I thinking. OK, so I walked across the little hill looking for the best place to go down into this awful mess, and of corse I had to slip in the mud on the top of the hill and slide all the way down into  that frigid water, BOY WAS IT COLD! Once we got under the wall we had to climb out ,just to do it again, and the water was so cold it took my breath away. 20160311201226O20160311201406n the third one the wall was even with the water so you had to totally go under to reach the other side, I thought WHAT FUN! WHY I AM I DOING THIS AGAIN?
I felt like Shadow trying to climb out of the pit in Homeward Bound. I kept slipping back into that cold muddy water.20160311201018 20160311201240And once I finally got out, I slipped and fell into the mud again, just to get up and fall even harder again on my back and hitting a rock with my lower back. OUCH!!! I had to lay in the mud for a minute before getting up and going again. I was again wondering WHAT was I thinking? That I was young and strong or SUPER?

Well, thats enough of feeling sorry for myself and no more worries about getting muddy , I was basically eating mud. So I got up and walked until I was out of the mud, If I do this again I will wear shoes with cleats on them.

We had to fill buckets with rocks and carry them through the woods, then come back and dump the rocks out. I think this is where I got that poison oak on my face, WONDERFUL.

We also had to walk through rivers in super cold water and carry sacks around then drop them off and go back into the icy river.20160311201542

20160311201558Get this I had to pick up this cement ball, it was huge and extremely heavy. It looked like it came out of a Fred Flintstone cartoon. We had to pick it up and carry it , drop it and do 5 burpees , just to pick it back up and carry it back to where we started. I looked at the guy and said ‘So there is no way out of burpees with this one.’ He said ‘Nope’, To which I replied, ‘Great!’
Anyway I kept trying to pick it up with no luck, than I thought maybe if I put my knees on the ground I would be able to roll it up my leg. It worked I was able to roll it up my leg and stand up . Than I ran to the pole as fast as I could because I wasn’t sure how long I could hold it before I dropped that ball. There is no way I want to pick that sucker up three times. Somehow I was able to pick it up again, once I reached the other side I seriously did a dance, if it was a football game I would have gotten an excessive celebration penalty. Which in this Spartan would be 30 burpees, so glad they don’t give celebration penalties.

Not one of our pictures but I wanted you to see the Rock Ball
Not one of our pictures but I wanted you to see the Rock Ball

There was lots of barb wire to climb under, through mud of course, what else would it be. I think one of there goals is to get everyone covered in mud from head to toe.20160311214449

The last obstacle was the fire, which I was worried about( you can’t tell by the picture can you), it breaks every rule moms have about fire’s , ‘you never play with it’ , ‘run around it’ and ‘YOU NEVER EVER EVER JUMP OVER THE FIRE!’2016031120205220160311202038


 We came through it, we lived , We are now Spartans!

If I do this again I will wear some type of shoe with good traction so I don’t fall all the time and get hurt (maybe some bubble wrap).
I have so many bruises from this its crazy, but we did it we are conquerers.
I think the thing that helped me prepare for this Spartan was the trail running because you spend most of the time running through the woods.
Some of my teens want to do this next year, so will see if I feel like taking some really cold mud baths again in a year.

There was 4938 runners in this Spartan

My overall place was 2095 of 4938

My place among the Females was 448 of 1647

My age group place was 27 of 100

My time was 2:15

I was happy with just finishing this Spartan.

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through him who gives me strength.20160311201736

Sea Turtle Half Marathon Recap

Sea Turtle Half Marathon Recap

This was my second half, we chose this one because we could also visit with our family all on the same trip. And we could get a much needed break from the cold, I’m really growing tired of running in below 30 degree weather. It’s nice to have a little mini vacation once in a while, they do wonders.

We packed up and got on the road on Friday, we had a nice smooth trip no troubles at all. When we arrived we went straight to our parent’s place. We were so looking forward to this visit and couldn’t wait to see them.

After visiting for a while Ken, Mom and I went to town to pick up our race bibs, shirts and other goodies. That was my first time at the Hangout so we walked around and visited the gift shop. The view was so beautiful from the Hangout. We also went and pick some long needle pine straw for making baskets.IMG_5039

We had a nice dinner that mom prepared for us (she is one of the best cooks I know) I’m one the type that makes it and slaps it on your plate, but she makes even every day meals look elegant.imageimage

After dinner we played some dominoes, I lost as usual I like to collect those dots (which I absolutely hate to count). I learned to use a calculator to add up those appalling dots. Why didn’t I ever think to use one, I guess I like to torture myself that way.

We had a good night sleep, it did take a while for me to finally fall asleep, you know worried about how I’ll do the next day.

Ken got up first as always I have (like) to wake up slowly. He made us some eggs, toast and coffee. He is so sweet, he lets me sleep in a little longer.IMG_9544

When we got there Ken went to the Hangout to see if he could swap out his shirt for a smaller one, as they were pretty big. Mine was big as well but I wanted to warm up a bit to be ready and I was pretty sure they didn’t have one smaller than what I already had. We have to remember that the shirts are on the big side if we do this run next year. I hate it when you get a shirt you can’t wear.Before Sea Turtle Half

At 7:30 we were off, I was happy that it was warm and sunny. But I didn’t remember to bring the sunscreen so I was sure I would burn. I have to be better prepared, it’s hard to think of sun screen when we haven’t needed it in so long.

I wanted to try and stay as close to a 10 min. mile pace as was possible. I was trying to look at my watch as often as I could, I have a hard time maintaining a consistent pace. I felt good about this run as it should be mostly flat, hills and I have big problems.

I was able to keep Ken in view for the first 2 miles, this is great as he is always ahead of me.

But around mile 4 I had to go something dreadful, but I was determined not to visit those portapotties that were spaced out along the run quite regularly. I knew that if I stopped that would be the end of my chances of reaching my goals. But every time I saw one I had to fight the urge to go in and relieve my agonies.

Somewhere between miles 5 and 6 I got a blister on my left heal which was getting worse with every stride I took. I thought GREAT what’s next! But that’s also around the time I saw the lead runner running by on the other side, I love to see them pushing on at amazing speeds, it always encourages me to continue to push myself. And I also saw Ken about half a mile or so before the turn around point at the end of the road. Sweet as he is, he saw me first and encouraged me on, SO LOVE HIM.During Race

The first 6 miles were pretty good I felt great, I was sure I would come close to reaching my goal as long as I continued to push on past my desire to stop at the potties and could somehow forget about my blister which I was sure was bleeding by now.

Miles 7-9 I started a gradual slow down and I wanted to walk for a minute but knew I couldn’t if I wanted to reach my goals.

They had quite a few water stations along the way but I brought my hydration belt so I wouldn’t have to stop and lose time. This worked out well, one of my bottles had water and one had a V8 green tea energy juice with a coffee shot (that I decided to put in at last minute). Between mile 8 and 9 I drank the juice, this I think helped me to stop slowing down. There was a slight slope on the return trip back and hills and I don’t get along.

Mile 9 was the worst, all I could think about was my blister and that I had to GO!!! Mile 10 I was feeling strong again, I thought I may not make my goal but I was going to give it my best. But I was scanning the ground for anything I could possibly pick up and but in my shoe to give some relieve to my heal, I had no such luck. I think it would be a good thing for run to have Band-Aids also at water stops, or I need to remember to put some into my pocket.

Miles 11 and 12 went by miserably, but I got through them!

Mile 13, I saw Ken up ahead I was quite surprised to see him, that meant one of two thing Ken was having trouble and I was doing ok, or Ken was doing well and I was doing awesome. I hoped that meant I was doing awesome, I yelled to him several times to get his attention but gave up, as I was running out of breath. So I decided I wanted to catch up to him, pass by him and see the shock in his face. So I tried to pick up my pace in order to pass by him and finish strong.

It was pretty clogged up with the walkers and 5 k runners that last mile, and cars were all at a stand still waiting for the runners and walkers to pass over to our side of the road. I saw a few cars pulled off and were cheering on the runners, I think I would rather do that than just sit in my car. I thought it was cool. Once we got past were the walkers and 5 k runners were crossing the road, it was clear sailing from then on, all I had to do was worry about the other runners/walkers.

When I saw the finish I thought I may not be able to pass Ken as he was still quite a ways in front of me. But I’m a pretty good sprinter for short distances so I was going to try. I had to kick it up at least 3 times and in the last second before his foot hit the ground I flew past him. It felt good to finish so close to him since we are never together at the end. I will always remember his shock when he saw it was me who sped by him at the last second.imageimage

We had a good laugh over it, was I happy to be done. Now I could GO! And give my feet a break, and eat something.20160220_101250

We did get a nice boxed lunch a drink and a ticket for a beer which we didn’t use.image

Average pace

  •  Mile 1 8:16
  • Mile 2 – 9:13
  • Mile 3- 9:48
  • Mile 4 9:43
  • Mile 5 10:18
  • Mile 6- 10:30
  • Mile 7 10:24
  • Mile 8 10:36
  • Mile 9 10:42
  • Mile 10 10:00
  • Mile 11 10:36
  • Mile 12 10:24
  • Mile 13 10:48
  • Last little bits 10:06

My overall pace was 10:13, which was great for me, I’m usually slower. I was able to Place 3rd in my age group, I think the fast ladies ran somewhere else this weekend, what a surprise. I was quite happy with the outcome. This was a lot of fun I would like to do this run again.image

The Sea turtle raises money for sea turtle rescue and also for the local High School ROTC. So how about going and running in this next year , I think you would enjoy it just as we did.image

Psalm 104:24-25

How many are your works, LORD! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number- living things both small and great.


Soldier Marathon Recap

Well I have to say I had a lot of fun at this run, they are really organized and well supported.

In order to make it there before the gun fires at 7:30, we had to get up pretty early. We were up and eating our eggs and toast at 4:30, I really needed to drink more coffee. We drove to Fort Benning and arrived with just enough time to pick up are bibs and get in our spot in the starting shoot.20151107_07311720151107_073104

Once the gun was fired because there were so many people we walked for the first 5 minutes before we could actually run. Boy did it feel good to get free from the clog of people; I have trouble with claustrophobia so I was really relieved to have some space and room to move freely.

The route was very nice; I enjoyed running through the base and seeing the men and women that graciously serve to protect our nation and others. They really are HEROS.

One hill was really big, it was hard but we had some drill sergeants encouraging us to run up it. So if you need some help with those hills they will do their best to get you up and over at record speed.

There was a lot of hydration stops along the way, I stopped at each one, which I usually don’t do, but I knew I needed to since it was so long since breakfast. Which was a big mistake on my part, but you live and learn, I just wish I could sometimes learn the easy way. They had PowerAde and water at each stop, as well as GU after mile 6.Ruth Soldier Half 2015

Once I got to mile 10, I was really feeling at a loss for energy, I really should have eaten something just before we got there. I was feeling sick and I was starting to wonder if I was going to finish running or walking. But I was going to finish one way or another. I figured that I wasn’t going to make my goal, but I was determined to do my best and whatever that turned out to be I would be happy. I wanted to finish as close to 2 hours as I could.Ruth Soldier Half 2015 -2

The last mile was pretty tough as my right leg was protesting to the run, I have been having some trouble with it, but I had it taped with KT tape which usually helps. By the time I came to the last mile I was limping and feeling extremely exhausted. I came in it at 2:27, but I reached the half marathon according to my IRONMANONEGPS watch at 2:21, but the finish was at 13.49 miles as my watch said.Ruth Finsh Line

I was pretty happy with my time since I was having so much trouble with very low energy. We decided to stay in a hotel close by next year, which should work out much better for us both. We plan on running the full marathon next year, I’m a little worried but I know we can do it. We may not reach the times we would like to but we will finish, we are like an old Timex (we take a beating and keep on ticking).

I was sick for a few hours afterwards; I may have just gotten back into the car too quickly. Ken stopped and told me I needed to drink some coke, not water or diet but the stuff I refuse to drink that’s full of sugar. I did protest some but I gave in, and in about a half hour I was feeling a lot better. So after you run on empty for a while and you find yourself feeling sick and weak, drink something with some sugar in it do yourself a favor. My brain must have shut down or something because I should’ve known better. Hope I am not the only one who does so many stupid things in a row, and can’t seem to connect the dots sometimes.

In the end we did enjoy our time at the soldier’s half marathon, as I said earlier we do plan on going back next year and do the full marathon. This was a great run and I would suggest it to anyone who is looking to support our soldiers and want a run to participate in this time next year. Let me know if you are planning on going, I would like to see you there.IMG_20151107_180521

Ken’s Review:Ken Soldier Half 2015 Path

Awesome race! I really enjoyed this one, everyone seemed to have fun. I enjoyed the course and seeing the place that my son went to for Basic training. I recognized a few areas that we saw from our visits before and enjoyed new sights as well. The hill was fun with the drill sergeants, the pictures are from me. I did get the comments that I could not take pictures and that it might be used as evidence against them, they gave this part “charm”.20151107_08053320151107_080529

Around mile 3 I noticed a couple running together with Denmark on the back of their shirts, I ran up to them and found out they did come here from Denmark for this race. I met my goals and pace, but the pace hit me around mile 11 and the last two were tough. Unlike Ruth I relied on my hydration pack but I still did not drink enough fluids as my calves were cramping at this time. Next year I will need to hydrate better, the long car ride did not help me either.Ken

The takeaways from this race for me are that we need to be closer next time, so we will get a Hotel the night before. This way we can be hydrated, well rested, and enjoy everything more. One of the things we were not able to do was to get a Fallen Hero name to wear, something both Ruth and I want to do for next year. This race is large enough for all the frills but also a lot smaller than a New York, Chicago or Boston.Ken Finish LineKen Finisher Medal

Let me tell you the funny that Ruth forgot to mention. I finished first so I went to watch and encourage Ruth as she came down the final stretch. After she crossed the finish line I had to work around the spectators, volunteers and the finish lane to meet back up with her. When I go to the area she should have been I did not see her. So I started looking down as she likes to lie down after pushing herself so hard at most of her races. I found her with 5 to 6 people around her, checking to see if she was Ok. Her plan was to walk away from the finish area and avoid attention, but she walked over to the corner area that was block off for the Medical tent. Her plan backfired and she got lots of attention. After I arrived and they saw her get up to walk away to find another area to recover, they realized I would make sure she was OK. We had choices of various drinks, hamburgers and breakfast burritos. I really enjoyed the Planet Pops they handed out to the runners.

Next year Ruth and I will run together and finish together for out very first Marathon. My chip time was 2:06:42, hoping for a sub two hours in February when we go to Gulf Shores for the Sea Turtle Half. We will also be able to visit my parents, who stay at my sister’s condo to avoid the coldest month of Michigan winters.

Hebrews 12:1

… let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

Paint the Town Pink Recap

Paint the Town Pink recap

The Paint the Town Pink was a lot of fun for all.20151024_093213

It was comfortable, not too chilly, and just right so you would warm up in the first mile and not get too hot. That’s one thing I love about fall running, it’s perfect.20151024_075439

This is the table to put pictures of those you are running in honor of, we also framed one of my Mom’s poems she wrote when she first got cancer.

Let me tell you what the Christensen’s were able to accomplish this year in the Paint the Town Pink.

Christensen Bling

Ken was able to greatly pass his goal of under 25 minutes; he finished at a speedy 23:41. He also finished his 1,000 miles for the year at mile 2.5. How exciting; He was also able to make a new PR, the third male to finish and to finish his 1,000 miles, all in the same run. He was running so fast that Riley was a few steps behind him, instead of in front as usual. Breathtaking!11140285_10207114574355570_851650520160214563_n

Faith’s goal was to be in the 26 minute range and to be one of the first three women to cross the finish line. Her time was 27:28, and she was the third female across the finish line. That was so cool to see her cross that line and know that she reached one of her pretty lofty goals. So proud of her.20151024_093022

Cameron and Rexi came in at a strong 34:17, this was his second run he’s been in, and it’s fun to watch him learn how to run better. Cameron received first in his age group. He has been working on his form and how to pace his runs. If he keeps up his training than watch out next year he’ll burn the track. He is working on being even more remarkable than he is already.20151024_092824

Mary’s goal was to be faster than she was in the Lottie Moon run; she was able to complete her goal. She came in at 38:58 and finished first in her age group. She was able to run with her dog Peeta, who has a heart that never wants to stop running; she says he inspires her to run faster. They are an impressive team, love to watch them run together.20151024_093149

Hannah came in at 40:19; her goal was not to walk at all, which she accomplished. She was running with Ruby’s dog Toby, which she trained last year to run. They are so cute; they got a lot of awes at the finish line. She got second place in her age group. She will be a tough one to beat next year, if she keeps up the hard work. She is awe-inspiring.20151024_084521

I ran with Penny, she’s Ede’s (my daughter) dog, because she loves to run so much. I usually run with Rexi but when I run fast he has a hard time keeping up, so he ran with Cameron this year. My goal was to run it in 27 minutes, let’s just say I was able to speed past that goal and finish at 25:39, my new PR! Wow was I happy; I was the second woman to finish the run.  I was really surprised.20151024_093009

We were able to all do quite amazingly, it just goes to show what you can accomplish when you set goals and aim to meet them. So make a goal and go make it happen.

I will update this when I get the details of the over all winners.