Do you want a new PR?

Do you want a new PR?

Runners by default get their cardio in, but usually need to do more strength and core training. I heard that if a runner strength trains, it will help with their running. It sounded good so I wanted to see if it would work for me.

All things in life need to be balanced for us to see all the benefits we desire. If you love apples and only eat apples you would have some problems and not be well nourished. Apples are good for you, as a part of your diet but not as your diet. If you eat a balanced diet than you will see the most results from all your work. The same goes for exercise you need to do more than one thing do be the best you can.

I decided to see if adding strength training would help me get faster. Who doesn’t want to get a new PR.? I sure wouldn’t mind. So I revved up my training in areas I had ignored for too long. I was already running about 21 miles a week, and a Zumba class at my church twice a week, after which we would do either abs or the Thirty Day Shred. So I started to do Yoga X and Plyometrics once a week and Cardio X four times a week, and doing several other exercises for leg strength. I was sore a lot and wanted to stop, but I decided it was in my best interest to stick to it and see if it would work. Remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Last fall I was getting out the winter clothes out of the attic, for our family that is a real big job not to mention the boxes are really big. To make this short I hurt my rotator cuff and was in lots of pain for quite a while. It still gives me trouble from time to time. Before that I could do pushups pretty ok , now it hurts afterword  and I can only do a few normal ones then have to do them om my knees. But I am improving with them each time.

So if you have trouble with an area like I do with my rotator cuff, just do what you can when you can and you will see improvement. It may be slow but it will help you to improve, you may want to talk to your Doctor first to make sure it will be ok or at what speed you should progress. You don’t want to slow down any healing your body is working on, or cause more damage and pain.

After all this work and pushing myself to see if it would help me reach a new PR, I was excited to accomplish just that this past weekend. We ran 11 miles but at the 15k mark I was at 1:30:10 which was 3 min and 16 seconds faster than my Hot Chocolate race. It worked for me; maybe you should give it a try too.

The Yoga helps with overall strength and balance which is great for everyone. I used the BEACHBODY P90X program.

Plyometrics helps with cardio, leg strength, great for runners or anyone. I used the BEACHBODY P90X program.

Thirty day shred is both cardio and strength awesome for all. It has three levels; you can find it on YouTube, program by Julia Michaels.

Zumba is fun, good for all ages. Find it on YouTube or better yet find a group in your local community. I attend one at our church; two of my daughters go with me.

You can find other exercises on YouTube. Or you may already have some, which have collected dust on the shelf. Just do something, anything will help. The more you move the healthier you will be.

I Chronicles 16:11

Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.

My Running Story

The reason I started this blog, is the hope my experiences may encourage other women to exercise and eat healthy, and in turn train their families to do the same. I chose running because it has helped me the most. Yes, it is and will be a lot of work but nothing easy will make big changes .So if you are like I was, you also need to sweat away the weight, while watching what you eat. So if this gray haired forty-six year old mother of ten can find the time to better her and her family’s lives, so can you. You and your family are worth both the sweat and work.

Do you want to know why I love to run and what got me started?Here we go.

I was always active, but when you have children you seem active in a different way. Chasing toddlers around all day, washing clothes, and fixing meals do not burn the calories.  Baby after baby gave me more “baby fat”. You have the kid’s junk food that calls to you at your weakest moments. Fast and easy to prepare food would win over what was good for you.

Well I knew I was fat and out of shape, so I googled to find out how bad it was. I stared at that screen for a while, it shocked me to find out I was considered to be obese. After the shock wore off I knew it was time to take control and do something for myself. Treadmill here I come.

I started very slowly, but I was consistent. I walked more than I ran; as time passed I ran more and walked less. The pounds came off, some quickly and some slowly, I lost over 65 lbs. slow progress is still progress; I felt better and had more energy. I went from size 16-18 to a size 4, Wow!

Still I got side tracked with life, and added some of the weight that I lost back. Then I read about a lady who faced the same problem, her solution was to schedule to run a race every few months to maintain her training. This made sense to me, who wants to pay and sign up for a race and then go out and do poorly, not me. I got my competiveness from my Mom as she loved a good game, but always tried her best to win.

My husband saw a sign advertising a race in town, the Lottie Moon 5K. I was worried because I hadn’t run outside yet. Not to mention I didn’t want people watching me train. So my husband graciously helped me train .He is so sweet, he wasn’t even a treadmill runner and he ran to help me.

Wow! Running was much harder on the road; it was really hard not walking most of the way. We practiced the route that the race would follow. It was so much harder than the treadmill was, but we completed it. My husband kept telling me I could do it, and we did.

During the race, I was determined to not walk, not even one step. I felt like dying as the first half was almost all uphill, but I didn’t walk even though I really wanted to. I didn’t want to give in, I could do it, I wasn’t about to. Surprise, I ended up getting third place in my age group, so never give up! You can do it! I was surprised what I could do and you will be too. You only fail when you give up.

Within a month my treadmill broke beyond repair, so the road replaced it. I was comfortable now with running outside, and prefer having the breeze in my face. I trained our Australian Shepherd, who loves running, so I wouldn’t be alone. When he sees me in running gear, he follows me around excitedly, whining behind me, not letting me out of his sight.  Afraid I would forget him; this was when I really became a runner.

Now at least three times a week my husband, our two dogs, and I run. We have some children running as well; they join us for shorter runs with their own dogs. Our daughter after running a 5K was asked by a Cross Country coach to join the team.  She is running 10K’s and training her own dog, while looking forward to being on the team.

Running not only helps me to keep fit it, also relaxes me and temporally frees me from laundry, dishes and many other chores. Whether you are a Mom of one or many, you need to find some time to reflect, this makes you better at what you do. I have gotten many solutions to problems while running. But if I don’t get a solution I will have more energy, patience and a better attitude when I am back in the most important race of all life.

Psalm 37:5

Commit thy way unto the Lord ; trust also in him ; and he shall bring it to pass.

So what motivates you to be active and eat better?

What would you like to know more about?