How to make veggie noodles


How to make veggie noodlesIMG_20150706_165612

You can use summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots or others. I like the zucchini the best for cooked noodles. You will need more than you think as they shrink down quite a lot when  cooked. I don’t peel mine but you can if you don’t want to see the peel on your noodles.

Wash your choice of vegetable cut the end off, if you are using the hand held noodle maker than you just put it in and twist it around until you can’t twist it through any moreIMG_20150706_165728IMG_20150706_165743.

If you have the standing pasta maker than after you wash and cut the end off you poke the other end into the knobs that will hold it in place as you twist the handle. Do this until its done and you don’t need any more pasta. I also cut them up as they are quite long.IMG_20150706_165857IMG_20150706_165905

Now you can use your noodles in a cold pasta salad or you need to boil water in order to cook then. Once your water is boiling put your pasta into the water and stir, cook them about seven to eight minutes you may want to cook them less if you want them firmer. I have even cook then in the microwave when I was too hungry to wait for the water to boil. They turned out good, l put a lid on them and cooked them about four minutes.IMG_20150706_185556

You need to drain them well as they seem to hold a lot of water. I just cover my strainer with a lid so they will stay hot while they drain.IMG_20150706_190208

Now you just serve with your favorite sauce and enjoy. I love the fact that I can still make my families favorite pasta dishes without all the carbs that wreck havoc  on my body. Some of my family will eat the vegie noodles as well or a mix of the pasta and vegie noodles. Hope you enjoy these as I do.IMG_20150706_190358

Genesis 1:12

And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit , whose seed was in itself , after his kind: and God saw that it was good.


Friday Fit Tip – Think Before You Drink !

Don’t drink your calories away. Many of us don’t realize how many calories we add to our daily intake just by drinking. If you drink one coke a day, a Starbucks or a sweet tea and if you refill that cup on your way out, you would easily have drank enough calories for another whole meal.
That small cup you get with your meal is 20 oz., unless you up the size, really isn’t small at all. Here is some research I did, it just may surprise you.
A Small 20 oz. Pepsi = 250 calories, 30 oz. = 380, 40 oz. = 500
Mountain dew Baja Blast = 280, 30 oz. = 410, 40 oz. = 550
Dr. Pepper 20 oz.= 250, 30 oz. 380, 40 oz. = 500
Brisk Iced Tea and Lemonade 20 oz. = 100, 30 oz. 150, 40 oz. = 200
Sm. Coke = 248, Med. 30 oz. = 310, Lg. 40 oz. =410
Caramel with whip Tall =322, Grande = 425
Light Caramel Tall =152, Grande = 196
Sweet tea 16 oz. =180
Unsweetened Tea 16 oz. = 4
Black Coffee 8 oz. = 5
Water = oIMG_20150828_213519
Now I am not saying you should never drink anything but water, but water is zero calories and is a major need for your body. You should try and drink plain black coffee or tea instead of that dessert coffee, save that for a nice “treat yourself day”. If you want a soda with lunch go with the diet and refill with water, if you love sweet tea try to mix some unsweet tea with the sweet to lessen the damage. You could try adding a sugar substitute into the unsweet tea; the best way is to just get use to less of the sugar taste.
I encourage you to try some infused water, it’s good. But you may want to make it with more non citrus fruits at first. I also like to have some flavored noncarbonated water in the refrigerator, some of them really have a salty taste, so I suggest that you read the labels and buy one that doesn’t have a lot of sodium. So far I like the ones that Aldi sells the best. Having these around will give you something else to drink when you want something other than just water.
I love green drinks they are good for you and are quite filling, and if they are made right you will be getting a good dose of super food power. You won’t turn into Popeye but you will be better for drinking them, just don’t make it with juice. Green drinks are great for you but they are basically a meal. I will often have one for breakfast and lunch, but on the days I run they just don’t give me what I need so I’ll eat something else with it one those days as juice is full of sugar.
You also need to be careful with smoothies because they can raise quickly in calories and fat, if you aren’t careful.
Remember that you need milk but not chocolate milk, you need water but you don’t need a coke. The little choices we make can add up to a lot at the end of the day or week. So think before you drink.
1 Corithians 10:31
So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Glasstic Giveaway

Repost of my review. Glasstic has agreed to send one lucky winner a Bottle of their choice. Please enter the Rafflecopter after the review.

I was given this water bottle by Glasstic for the purpose of this review all opinions are mine, I was not told what to post and I was not paid to post.Package

I absolutely love this bottle; it holds 16oz. of water, which I think is just the right amount, not too big or too little. They are cute and easy to carry where ever you go. And it fits into our car cup holders, some bottles I’ve bought don’t fit which is upsetting.Bottle and Brush

Since it is glass inside you don’t get that plastic taste to your water that you get from most water bottles and that really upsets me.Disassembled Bottle

I love the design it has a glass bottle inside with a plastic outer cover and is also leak-proof and shatter proof. With a nice flip top that even locks. You can get it in many different designs and clear as well.Fliptop

If it breaks it is contained in the plastic so it wouldn’t cut any fingers. So moms with young active children and sometimes wild teens won’t need to worry about their children using their Glasstic water bottle.

I love the fact that if for some reason it does break Glasstic will replace the glass inner bottle free of charge for the first year; you don’t even have to pay for shipping. It can’t get much better than that.

The prices for the bottles very slightly with starting at $19, but they do have a back to school special, buy 2 get one free. These are high quality bottles and should last for years. One nice thing is you can replace each piece of the bottle if needed all for $ 7.99, isn’t that nice. If you compare this bottle to what you would pay for one glass bottle from say Walmart or somewhere else, you will see this is far superior and will cost less as these won’t break. If they do you can replace the broken parts for less than buying a cheaper option somewhere else.Bottle

The bottle is easy to clean and with the purchase of the buy two get one free(back to school sale) they will send you a bottle sponge for cleaning free.

and more-5
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I am sure you would love this bottle as I do.
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Isaiah 12:3

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

Yurbuds Review

I posted this review because I really like this product , I wasn’t asked to do this review , I wanted to let others know about this product, as I think it would be helpful to them too.IMG_20150818_081506

Well I have to say out of all the ear buds I’ve used these are by far the best. I won these in a giveaway hosted by Run this Year .I wasn’t expecting them to be that much better than what I have already tried, but wow! was I impressed. Not once did I have to put them back in my ear or reposition them in our 12 mile run. They never budged once, and are comfortable also.IMG_20150818_081456

I always ran with only one bud in my ear, so I could hear what was going on around me. But these claimed that you could hear with them in so I went ahead and wore both of them to try it out, I was running in day light so I wasn’t worried. I could hardly believe how well they worked, I could hear better than I ever did with my other ear buds even with wearing two instead of only one.

I am not sure about the water resistance yet but I’ve always been a heavy sweater, so we’ll see but with what I’ve seen so far I think they will live up to their claims.

I’m so glad that there is finally a product made that will fit my small ears and allow me to be able to hear everything around me so I can be safer. I can even talk with my husband and daughters without trouble. They also have 2 sizes for the buds so you should get a good fit.IMG_20150818_081530

I have to say that I love these and would recommend them to anyone who wants something they can wear and forget about until you’re done with your run.

Exodus 32:18

But he said. ”It is not the sound of shouting for victory, or the sound of the cry of defeat, but the sound of singing that I hear.”


Friday Fit Tip – You Exercise, But Do You Get Enough?

Do you get enough exercise?

Yes we exercise, but if you don’t get enough, you won’t see the results as you would like. The benefits you receive from your exercising won’t be as great as they could possibly be. So if you really want to be healthy and fit, you need to do the right amount of exercise so you will receive the greatest rewards for all your hard work.cropped-01-2.jpg

A lot of us are under the impression that if we exercise three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes we are active and are receiving all the benefits. But that may not be the case; if you aren’t exercising at the right intensity then you won’t be receiving as many of the rewards that we could be receiving.

To maintain muscle and current body weight you need 2 ½ hours a week of moderate aerobic activity or 1 ¼ hours a week of vigorous activity. So that 30 minute three times a week workout has to be vigorous activity. If your work outs aren’t vigorous than you need 1 ¼ more hours of exercise just to maintain. I have to tell you I was surprised to find this out, you always hear that you need to exercise three times a week for thirty minutes, but what  they don’t tell you is that exercise  has to be a vigorous workout.

Moderate = aerobic activity that causes a slight increase in breathing and heart rate. Some examples of moderate activities are speed walking, riding a bike without hills, strength training and tennis. You can use the “talk test” if you break a sweat but can easily hold a conversation than you are in a moderate aerobic exercise.

Vigorous = aerobic activity that causes you to breath more rapidly and a greater increase in heart rate. Some examples are; running, swimming, bike riding fast with hills, basketball, and many more. Using the “talk test”, if you can only speak in short sentences or it is hard to carry on a conversation, but is possible if you do not use too many words.

If weight loss is your goal than you need at least 4 ¼ hours of exercise, plus you need some strength training added in as well. Regular exercise will help with weight loss, lowers triglycerides levels, helps lower high blood pressure and lowers your risk of type two diabetes.

Today is the day to start exercising at the levels you require for the benefits you desire. If you aren’t exercising than you should start walking, this will help you and it is easy to do and can be made into a habit easily. Just walking after dinner each night can help you .Remember the more active you are the more you can do, so start slow and keep building up as your body is ready. Something is better than nothing. Don’t say I’ll start tomorrow because tomorrow so often never comes.

Here are some of the sites I used for information you may want to read them to learn more than what I am telling you. The more informed you are the better choices you’ll make.…need…/the-right-dose

Job 9:4

He is wise in heart and mighty in strength who has hardened himself against him, and succeeded?

You should always consult your Doctor before starting new exercises or fitness goals. My opinions are not intended to replace the advice of a physician or qualified healthcare professional.