Weekly Wrap #12

Weekly Wrap #12

This week has been quite busy for us, so not much to say for my workouts. I still can’t run yet, but I did swim on Tuesday. At first the kids were upset we were going to go swimming without them, but once they knew we were shopping for candy after, they were more than happy for us to go. This time it was a little easier ,but I was sore afterwards. So we soaked it the hot tub for a few minutes, boy did that feel good. Than we went shopping for Easter goodies for the Kids.

The rest of the week was busy much too busy to travel to the Y and swim.
Thursday my husband took me to dinner , than we went to the school for the science and history fair. Our children had things in the fair at school, so we went and checked out all the boards. They all spent a lot of time on their projects and some were quite amazing.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Friday Ede came over and we worked for several hours on that sewing project we’ve been doing. We were so happy to finally be done with it, it turned out to be so cute. Ede did a great job picking the fabric, it’s so pretty. Than later we colored the Easter eggs as we do every Easter.

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Saturday our parents came to spend Easter with us. Ede and Joe invited us over for dinner, it was so nice and we were able to see the finished crib skirt on the crib. We love every minute we spend with our wonderful family.

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Easter Sunday most of the family went to church, because we slept in late, and I still had a lot of cooking to do for dinner. We had all our children home for Easter we also had one of our son’s friends from Kentucky here with us also. We really had a wonderful day this year to celebrate the empty tomb, and thank God for all he has done for us all this year. God is Good!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Romans 4:24, 25

…if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead; Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification.

God Bless , hope you all have a great week.

What do you and your Family do for Easter?

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Weekly Wrap #11

Weekly Wrap #11WeeklyWrap

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Monday and Tuesday not much just trying to recover and do the things around the house that need my attention. No crutches this week, so happy to leave them behind.

Wednesday more of the same recovering and rest, I really can’t wait to get back to running again. It was our son Oluf’s 17th Birthday, so we had cake , ice-cream and a little fun. image

Thursday I went to the YMCA to swim, to see if I would be able to yet, as I’m still in pain, but there is no impact with swimming. Unless you hit the side of the pool while getting out, as I foolishly did, Ouch! The kids swam and played while I attempted to swim some laps. I should tell you I haven’t swam laps before so I had no idea what I was up for. Anyway, I swam to the other side of the pool and had to stop and rest in shock for a few before I swam back to the other side. I did this for quite awhile before we had to leave to pick the other kids up at school. I thought as I was doing the last few laps that the lifeguard may come to rescue me as I may drowned before I reach the other side, well I obviously didn’t need to be rescued but I’m sure he was watching me , I definitely looked like a struggling newbie.
I was able to swim 8 laps which equals 1/4 mile, which is the distance we need to swim for the Triathlon we will be doing this summer. I have a new found respect  for swimmers, it is really hard. Hope I will be able to swim the distance by then.

Friday I had a good time shopping with my son Oluf.20160319_120344

20160319_120235Saturday we went back to the YMCA for another swim, this time Ken went also. We managed to swim another 8 laps, but it wasn’t any easier. I ‘m sure it will be easier as we continue to swim, remember nothing new is ever easy, the more we do it the better we do it. So like NIKE says JUST DO IT! 20160319_12032820160319_120357


Before we left town I got my hair cut, I wanted a new look.

Sunday I went to church and spent the day with our family, it was a nice day. My daughter and I worked on a sewing project for a good part of the day. Looking forward to seeing it completed it should be cute. I hope to be able to do more next week .20160311201736

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Spartan Recap

Psalm 18:1

I love you, LORD, my strength.

Spartan Sprint Recap

Spartan Sprint RecapPostImage_WEB

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I have to say I was worried about this race for quite awhile, thinking I may have made a mistake WHAT WAS I THINKING , I’m not Wonder Woman. Yet here I was going to do this Spartan Sprint.

We had to get there about 2 hours before our start time, we arrived a little late but all went smoothly.
Once we got to the bag pick up line , my eyes bulged upon seeing the ropes because they were so tall. Do you remember that rope my husband put in our pecan tree? That is nothing compared to the ropes they had here. This is when I figured I would be doing more burpees than I thought I would.
30 burpees are the punishment for not completing the obstacles . I thought “awesome I’ll be doing so many burpees that I won’t be able to walk comfortably for days”.

Not one of our pictures
Not one of our pictures

 We picked up our bags, putting on our wristbands and headbands. Afterward we dropped off our bags, which were filled with clean clothes for when we had completed it. I was thinking I wasn’t prepared like I should be since everyone else had really big bags, I thought ‘GREAT WHAT ELSE WILL I MESS UP!’PART_1457313668845_20160305_083033

We where off at 9:00, I was so happy when I got over the SMALL wall at the beginning, it gave me a confidence boost which I was in need of.

The first of many obstacles were the walls to climb, they weren’t easy but I was able climb over them without too much difficulty. They kept getting taller and taller, at the last one everyone was helping the other Spartans over, because I don’t really think there are too many people who could climb it without assistance.

The obstacles that had me climbing, were really hard for me since I have a fear of heights. I almost froze on a few, I was shaking and my legs were weak once I was down, but I came through them without burpees, YIPEEE!

Not one of our pictures, But I Conquered this one!
Not one of our pictures, But I Conquered this one!
It was really BIG!
It was really BIG!
Smaller but still tough as it wobbled!
Smaller but still tough as it wobbled!

I had to do burpees 3 times WHOOPEE! For the rope of course , the monkey bars and for the spear throw. I was standing on the rope that was connected to the spear so of corse it didn’t stick into the hay bale,it just plopped on the ground a few feet away. Brilliant huh! I would’ve done more if Ken didn’t help me with the rings and bars, I was on his shoulders and grabbed the rings and bars. If I had been in the elite group I wouldn’t be allowed any help.

I did manage to stay mud free until about half way through the run, not sure why I even tried to stay clean.
There was an obstacle we came to that we couldn’t see until after climbing a small hill.  I really couldn’t believe what I saw we were shocked.  It was a big pit of muddy water with a wall in the middle you had to go under that wall and climb up the other muddy side. Anyway, I looked at it and wondered again what was I thinking. OK, so I walked across the little hill looking for the best place to go down into this awful mess, and of corse I had to slip in the mud on the top of the hill and slide all the way down into  that frigid water, BOY WAS IT COLD! Once we got under the wall we had to climb out ,just to do it again, and the water was so cold it took my breath away. 20160311201226O20160311201406n the third one the wall was even with the water so you had to totally go under to reach the other side, I thought WHAT FUN! WHY I AM I DOING THIS AGAIN?
I felt like Shadow trying to climb out of the pit in Homeward Bound. I kept slipping back into that cold muddy water.20160311201018 20160311201240And once I finally got out, I slipped and fell into the mud again, just to get up and fall even harder again on my back and hitting a rock with my lower back. OUCH!!! I had to lay in the mud for a minute before getting up and going again. I was again wondering WHAT was I thinking? That I was young and strong or SUPER?

Well, thats enough of feeling sorry for myself and no more worries about getting muddy , I was basically eating mud. So I got up and walked until I was out of the mud, If I do this again I will wear shoes with cleats on them.

We had to fill buckets with rocks and carry them through the woods, then come back and dump the rocks out. I think this is where I got that poison oak on my face, WONDERFUL.

We also had to walk through rivers in super cold water and carry sacks around then drop them off and go back into the icy river.20160311201542

20160311201558Get this I had to pick up this cement ball, it was huge and extremely heavy. It looked like it came out of a Fred Flintstone cartoon. We had to pick it up and carry it , drop it and do 5 burpees , just to pick it back up and carry it back to where we started. I looked at the guy and said ‘So there is no way out of burpees with this one.’ He said ‘Nope’, To which I replied, ‘Great!’
Anyway I kept trying to pick it up with no luck, than I thought maybe if I put my knees on the ground I would be able to roll it up my leg. It worked I was able to roll it up my leg and stand up . Than I ran to the pole as fast as I could because I wasn’t sure how long I could hold it before I dropped that ball. There is no way I want to pick that sucker up three times. Somehow I was able to pick it up again, once I reached the other side I seriously did a dance, if it was a football game I would have gotten an excessive celebration penalty. Which in this Spartan would be 30 burpees, so glad they don’t give celebration penalties.

Not one of our pictures but I wanted you to see the Rock Ball
Not one of our pictures but I wanted you to see the Rock Ball

There was lots of barb wire to climb under, through mud of course, what else would it be. I think one of there goals is to get everyone covered in mud from head to toe.20160311214449

The last obstacle was the fire, which I was worried about( you can’t tell by the picture can you), it breaks every rule moms have about fire’s , ‘you never play with it’ , ‘run around it’ and ‘YOU NEVER EVER EVER JUMP OVER THE FIRE!’2016031120205220160311202038


 We came through it, we lived , We are now Spartans!

If I do this again I will wear some type of shoe with good traction so I don’t fall all the time and get hurt (maybe some bubble wrap).
I have so many bruises from this its crazy, but we did it we are conquerers.
I think the thing that helped me prepare for this Spartan was the trail running because you spend most of the time running through the woods.
Some of my teens want to do this next year, so will see if I feel like taking some really cold mud baths again in a year.

There was 4938 runners in this Spartan

My overall place was 2095 of 4938

My place among the Females was 448 of 1647

My age group place was 27 of 100

My time was 2:15

I was happy with just finishing this Spartan.

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through him who gives me strength.20160311201736

Wednesday Word-Shenanigans

Wednesday WordWednesdayWordScrabbleButton
Every Wednesday, the Deb from Deb Runs will be providing a word about which to blog.

This weeks words is

silly or high-spirited behavior ; mischief

Well I hope all are having good clean fun while running and are never mischievous. We have had some fun times sense we’ve been running. When that day comes and we are too old to run, we will look back and remember some good times we’ve had together as a family. I’m so happy that we have been able to get some of our children interested in running.

During one of our runs we volunteered in, Mary and Faith sang “LET IT GO” to all the runners as they passed by.Also it was so cold that day as the runner passed by me all hot and sweaty and we were frozen ,I so wished I could run with them.12072674_10154359743643492_196307377685323670_n

During another run we volunteered to work, Mary had just started reading Game of Throne’s which was a mistake.This is what you look like when you volunteer to work as a pointer and stupidly started reading the Game of Throne’s the day before.

I love those funny signs that people hold up to encourage us , to push on to the end.These are a few my family held up for those running.10590656_10153484536293492_6250719822653090122_n


Remember to have fun with your family and friends, but always make it good clean fun. If everyone isn’t having fun than it isn’t FUN. Sorry once a mom always a mom, have fun.

What silly thing have you or your friend done to make a run fun?

Proverbs 17 :22

A joyful heart is good medicine, …

Tuesdays On The Run- The Hardest Part of Running


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The topic this week is – The hardest part of running is?

It’s hard to pick only one, for me it’s really two and I’m not sure which is the hardest.

The first hardest thing about running for me is, well running. You know finding the time in my busy schedule to get out the door and run. It seems like everything in life is trying to get us not to run. I have to be quite motivated to run sometimes all I want to do is sit and take a break, and relax. But when I do get out and run , I’m refreshed and feel so much better.So running is just what I need even if thats not what I think I want at first.

One thing that helps me get out the door and run is running buddies whether they have two legs or four, its easier to say ,”Yes, lets go for that run!” I don’t like to disappoint my running buddies.FB_IMG_1441421234191image

The second hardest thing about running is to stay running. For the longest time I would run consistently for a while , but than something happens. You know (life) it maybe someone gets sick or we get really busy one week and before I know it it’s been a few weeks to a month sense my last ran. And it seems the longer the break the harder it is to get running again.

One thing that has helped me to continue running without constantly stoping and starting over and over again, is to sign up for races on a regular basis. That has really helped me , because I don’t want to get there and do the run dreadfully. I like to end a run knowing I gave all I had getting here and during the run.2014 Paint the Town Pink 5k

Those for me are the worst.

What do you struggle with?

Do you have a hard time with these like me, how do you concur them?

Galatians 6:9

And let us not grow weary of doing good,

for in due season we will reap,

if we do not give up.