Weekly Wrap # 16 ,Road Trip


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Well I had yet another busy week, in a long string of busy weeks.

Monday I swam at the Y and finished in a faster time than ever. I was so happy, with the advice from the lifeguard last week I was able to swim my laps a lot faster. I hope to soon be able to finish them without stopping to rest. With the triathlon rapidly approaching (June 18th) I really need to speed it up.Later that night we ran 4 miles.
Tuesday, I did laundry so my husband wouldn’t need to do it while I was gone. And packed while doing my other duties.
Wednesday I had an appointment that afternoon and I needed to pick up the kids. Once I got home we had a quick dinner and packed in a flash. Than Faith and I kissed and hugged all the dogs and our family goodbye.image

We were off on our way to Florida to visit with some of our family who we don’t see often enough. We traveled for about 2 hours than stopped for COFFEE!


And around 10:20 pm we reached Florida, we got some coupon books for hotels and than traveled about another hour or so and stopped for the night.image

When we got up Thursday we went down for breakfast, it looks like we were still pretty sleepy in the pictures.image

Then we checked out without going for a swim in the heated pool, because we wanted to see our family really awful like. We stopped for lunch at Checkers, Faith wanted some of their awesome fries. IMG_8514 IMG_0109

It was so nice once we got there, the weather was amazing and the pools were awesome. We enjoyed a good swim than a wonderful dinner on the patio. Later we went for a walk and the view was amazing.image

Friday we drove to town ,it was so beautiful. We went to the beach and walked on the boardwalk we saw some dolphins swimming and playing in the water.IMG_2997 But I didn’t have much luck catching a picture of them. Than we went to some stores along the beach and got some cute bracelets.imageWe also went to the local library, this was the nicest library I’ve ever seen, even the elevator was cool.imageOn the way back we stopped at another family members house and had a very pleasant visit, really wish we could see them more than we do.image

Faith loved playing with Sprocket the family dog, they worked together to catch lizards.image They also played hide and seek non-stop, this is an amazing dog. So happy they have him to keep them company. We loved swimming in the pool, it was so refreshing and beautiful.IMG_8155

We later visited more of our wonderful family and went out to eat in a really fancy restaurant, we were really being spoiled by our family. Than we went back to their beautiful house and played dominos and had the best strawberry pie ever with coffee of course. Faith caught some more lizards and tried to catch some frogs, but they were a little to fast for her.image They also had some really fun dogs which we really enjoyed.imageimage

Saturday we stayed around the house and enjoyed another wonderful day with our family. imageFaith and I decided to go for a run but quickly learned we had to run a lot earlier here than back home, so we only ran 1.69 miles than came back and jumped into the pool AWW it was so refreshing.

image Later that night we played a marble game which we just learned the day before, it’s kinda like SORRY. Than we played some Rummikube, loved it! What could be better than playing games with your family?

Sunday we had to say good-bye , it’s so hard to do. We will have to go again, hopefully it wont take us as long to do it next time. imageOn the way home we were able to see some Gators!imageIMG_0324

And get some Florida oranges and grapefruits, they are so good I hope they make it home.image

We finally found some ALE8 for Ken at like the millionth Cracker Barrel we stopped at.IMG_5582 When we stopped for dinner Faith loved her view.image

I had to keep telling her she had to wait until after dinner to see if see could pet it.We of course had to get dessert.imageimage

Faith couldn’t go home to her dog empty handed so we picked this up.image It was so nice to be home we loved our trip but we were happy to be home again. If any of my family is reading this ,Thank you! so much for the wonderful visit, we love you all bunches.

Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trusting him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Weekly Wrap # 15

This has been another busy week here, but I was able to squeeze in a few more workouts.

It was raining Monday so we didn’t run as planned. We did however do some yoga, this was the first time since I was hurt that I thought I was ready to tackle some  yoga. I was worried it would hurt and maybe cause some damage to my healing body. Some of the poses were difficult and some of it was painful. But we did it and I felt better later, so I’ll try and make it a habit again.

I swam again Tuesday at the Y, its still pretty tough but it’s getting a little easer each time I go. Later that evening we went for a run, to prepare for the May the 4th miler be with you run. We had a good time and all of them are improving. They are so looking forward to this run, my youngest is often talking about it and wondering how awesome the run and medals will be. Its nice to see them so excited about running. Hope it will continue to excite them as they grow.image

Wednesday I was busy with a project I was working on for church along with my other duties here, so no workouts, just busy with life.

We went to the Y again Thursday. As I was swimming during one of my breaks for much needed breathing, the life guard came over to talk. He may have thought he needed to see if I was ok, its sometimes tough getting old. People seem to worry too much. But anyway as we talked I learned that I wasn’t breathing correctly so I was wearing myself out and constantly running out of breath. So I started to breathe as he told me and I was able to swim my laps faster than before. Awesome! I did thank him before I left for his help. He was sure a life saver.

20160412_134631 - Copy20160412_134717 - Copy

Ken the dogs and I went for a run later that night, we had some trouble with a pit-bull. It was pretty scary, this dog ran across the three lane road to where we were running on the sidewalk. He started to chase us and he bit Rex. I was about to kick him away , when Ken came to us and told us to keep running. I ran as he said but I was trying to get my phone out to call for help, I was watching then noticed he was already on the phone and talking to someone while this dog was now trying to bite our other dog Riley. While this was happening a pickup sped across the road, smashed into the curb and the driver jumped out and got his dog under control.

This was really scary, we may need to find a new place to run. We don’t want our family or any of our dogs hurt because some people don’t want to keep their dogs contained. I was so happy that Rex hasn’t lost all his winter coat yet, because all that bully dog got was a big mouth full of Rex’s fluffy hair. So glad we are all fine and that the dogs owner came to retrieve his dog or things may have gone from bad to worse quickly.image

Friday was a rest day, if you can call any day around here a rest day.

Saturday was the Fight For Air Climb, we got up around 5:30 we needed to leave by 6, since I couldn’t climb I Volunteered to work and the volunteers needed to be there by 7:30. I wanted to feel like I was still a part of it even though I couldn’t climb this time. Oluf did climb in my place which was really awesome. It was a good year, they were able to pass their goals for funds raised. This year Ken, Oluf, Mary and Faith climbed and three of them received age group places. We were all happy with how the climb went. I will do a recap on it soon.20140325_135924


Sunday we went to  church and than we had dinner with our family. My lilacs were in bloom so I picked some for the table, while I was picking them and putting them into the vase I was throwing a frisbee to Olly, who was having fun for a while but I guess he thought I was giving those flowers too much of my time. So he decided to grab a lilac out of the vase and run around the yard, so silly me ran after him to retrieve the flower. Then he thought this was great and before I got back to the vase with the retrieved flower he had another one and was running all over the yard. Once I got that flower he than knocked over the vase and it of course broke and when he saw the water he decided to drink it as he was thirsty after all that fun with the old lady. I told my husband that his name should’ve been Marley.image
We also did some planning for the coming baby shower. I was also able to feel my sweet grand baby move. What a wonderful feeling that is, we are so excited to be blessed with so much.20160417_202322 - Copy

We had another wonderfully busy week, hope your week was all you planed it to be and more.

Have you had to deal with dogs chasing you or worse, how did you handle it?

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Proverbs 17:22

A merry heart doth good like a medicine.

Weekly Wrap # 14, Spring break!

Weekly Wrap # 14, Spring break!

We really had a wonderful week, I loved every minute with my family in Gulf Shores. We were able to spend some time with my brother in-law and his family. This is something we don’t get to do  often enough since they live in MI.20160405_135312

We arrived in Gulf Shores Tuesday afternoon and were able to have a nice and crazy visit on the beach. Later we went to Lambert’s for dinner. This was even crazier, I managed to catch a hot roll on the side of my head. Ouch! I didn’t think it was funny, but the kids sure did.20160405_174748 - Copy

Once  it was dark we went crab hunting, this was so much fun, we all had a great time.
We caught so many crabs, they were kind of creepy though. They look too much like spiders to me. I was worried they would climb up my leg.20160405_215210 If you haven’t done this, you need to some time it’s a blast. After  catching them and the kids were done watching them, we let them go. Yikes! they seemed to run in all directions,I enjoyed watching them disappear  into the sand. Yes we let them go, no eating those cute creepy crabs for me.20160405_215153

We went to the pool Wednesday morning and the kids and some of the brave adults went swimming in the indoor pool. My husband’s family was going to leave that day and didn’t want them covered in sand. They played for about 3 1/2 hours maybe more, until their feet and hands were all wrinkly. I can remember the days that I swam all day, hard to believe it was so long ago.20160406_102524

20160406_101709They had to go around 1 o’clock which was 2 o’clock MI time, they had some fun things to do on the way home. We were glad to spend some time with them and hope it wont be too long before we see them again. It’s not easy living so far away from our family.

We went to town to do some grocery shopping and a quick stop in at one of the gift shops for a few hermit crabs. What fun!20160406_145658

Thursday we spent the day at the beach only going back for lunch. After dinner we went to the pool and hot tubs for a good soak, they were surely the hottest hot tubs I’ve ever been in.20160407_092636

20160407_105442I decided it was time to see if I could run again without too much pain so we went for a run. It felt so good, I loved to feel the wind in my face again. I was a little worried about some of the bushes and water filled ditches we ran by, they looked like they could be hiding an alligator inside that would run out at us. But thank goodness we didn’t see any.20160407_175708

The run wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, I was slower than I was before, but I haven’t ran in quite awhile so I was happy with just being able to run without more pain. I was able to do a 5K, HAPPY DAY! I have to add my miles on slowly, hopefully I do it correctly as I don’t want to go backwards and have to start over.20160407_18463620160407_190400

We refreshed with a  nuun energy grape, it was so nice after our run and all the sun.

Than we went back for a walk on the beach, it’s so beautiful I don’t know if I could ever be tired of the view.20160407_111916

Friday we went to town to do some shopping and have a little fun at the go cart track. The kids really enjoyed the wooden track best. I think this was worth all the smiles and laughter. 20160408_11084920160408_10550520160408_110837We than stopped at Rita’s for some frozen custard, YUM! Who can drive by Rita’s, it’s not easy for me, good thing we don’t have any close by or I would be having trouble eating healthy.20160408_122332

Before heading back to the condo we went to Billy’s open air market to get some shrimp and fish for dinner. My husband was going to make his famous shrimp scampi, we couldn’t wait to eat dinner.20160408_135855

Saturday was our last day her so we spent the morning at the beach ,this time we saw some dolphins swimming and playing, we watched them for quite awhile.


Than we went to some outlet stores to get a little break from the sun. Where my husband bought his first pair of OOFOS, I’m sure they won’t be his last, he is already loving them.IMG_0795.JPG

On our way back to the condo we stopped to have a hermit crab race, which we do each time we come. Sadly we could only find 3 hermit crabs to race. When we got back to the condo we had dinner.20160409_174142

Ken, Faith and I went for a run and we ran a 5K , I did good except for some coughing towards the end, but I did it again without any trouble. It’s hard to put into words how good that makes me feel.

We went into the grocery store and got some eclairs,  milk and water for a post run snack. Awesome!

Believe it or not they went back to the pool and hot tub, I stayed and packed up for the trip  home early the next morning. And managed to read some more of my book before they returned driving wet and freezing.

Sunday we left the condo at 5 in the morning the kids sleep most of the way home, I can’t tell you how nice that is, when you are traveling with seven children.

We were so happy to be home again our dogs were so happy to see us back, we of course went for a walk with them to give them some attention and to give our legs some needed exercise, we only walked for 1 1/2 miles.IMG_0799.JPG

Thanks to our wonderful family who let us enjoy their beautiful condo. Thank you so much, we love it every time we are there.

Matthew 11:28

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

So what did you do for spring break?

How do you fit in some exercise when on vacation?


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Weekly Wrap # 13

Weekly Wrap #13

Life has been so crazy lately, my husband went to visit his family for most of this week and I was left juggling trying to do what he usually does and what I do. I have learned I can’t juggle ,I seem to drop things too much. At least I was careful not to drop the important ones anyway.

I did plan on swimming at least three times this week, but plans don’t always work out. It was Saturday before I was able to swim, but I did swim it faster and I wasn’t as sore afterwards. The kids loved it, they always love going to the Y.20160402_161217

20160402_162058Sunday we went to church as usual but after dinner we went shopping to get a few things before we leave for Gulf Shores. We are so looking forward to spring break, we all need a good rest.

When we got home, we went for a run/walk with the kids and dogs. Ken ran with the fast ones and I speed walked with the slow ones. We are helping them train for the May the 4th miler be with you on May the 4th. My kids and husband are so excited to go on this run, they are happy that they will see me in a geek shirt.20160403_181405

imageThats about it, hope you all have a great week. Be active, enjoy life and your family.

Psalm 138:20

The Lord will work out his plans for my life.WeeklyWrap

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