Weekly Wrap 21

Well this hasn’t been weekly for quite awhile anyway, I’m trying to fix that problem, I should have it fixed very soon .
Things have been so crazy, but I think we are starting to get things rolling smoothly.

So Here it is my week of workouts.

Sunday and Monday were rest days from our 15 mile run on Saturday. Monday I walked with the kids and dogs for 1.5 miles.
Tuesday we (Ken, Faith, Camer
on and I) ran 6 miles, and walked 1.5 miles

20160915_193853Wednesday Ken and I ran 3.37 miles, walked 3 miles.

Thursday We again ran 6.15 miles and walked 2 miles.
Friday rest and walked 2.5 miles.

Saturday Ken and I ran 18 miles, Cameron ran the first six with us than rode his bike with us for the last 12 miles. I have to say I thought I was going to die at 16.5 miles, but I was saved by some nice cold water my husband was able to get for me, than we were off again to finish our run, also we walked 3 miles.

So this week I was able to run 33.52 miles and walk 13.5 miles.

We are quickly coming to our marathon, we are running in the Soldiers Marathon on 11-12. I sure hope we will be prepared, we have been working so ┬áhard for this marathon. But this is our first and we don’t really know what to expect. I fear we maybe overlooking something.

So do any seasoned marathoners have any advice for us marathon newbies?
I would be very happy to hear about what has helped you, or what hasn’t.

Or what helped you to finish strong?


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap 21”

  1. Wow that is a solid running week for you 33.5 is awesome not to mention the half marathon of walked miles! I think you’ll do great in your marathon and yes it will be here before you know it!

  2. I’ve heard a lot of great things about that marathon. Even though I grew up on the outskirts of Columbus, I’ve never run it. I’m thinking about running the half this year, maybe. That’s a very impressive week of mileage. My one piece of advice is that you’ll never have another first marathon — so enjoy the experience and don’t worry about pace. Start out super slow and easy. Thanks for linking, Ruth!

    1. We have been told to start out slower than our pace for the start and than speed up later.
      I think that what we’ll do, just hope we don’t speed up to quickly and get excessively tired out before the end. But we will do are best and I will finish just not sure about time or condition I’ll be in.

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