Weekly Wrap #22 & 1,000 Mile Challenge Completed


This week has been pretty good we really enjoyed our runs/walks/bike rides. The weather is so much nicer. I love the cooler weather that fall brings. I also love to have the leaves crunch under my feet.

Sunday was our rest day from last weeks long run. We spent the day with our family, playing games and watching football. But best of all playing with our granddaughter.
Monday we ran 5.69 easy miles and walked 1.5 miles.
Tuesday we only ran 3.2 because we were tired and walked 1.5 miles.My new shoes came in and I was able to wear them on my run. I love  how  it feels when you lace up a new pair and take them for a run. Its like running on pillows.


Wednesday we ran 6 miles, walked 2 miles.
Thursday We ran 6.31 miles and walked 3 miles.
Friday rest and walked 2.6 miles.

Saturday Ken and I ran 20 miles and Faith and Cameron ran the first six with us then biked with us for the last 14 miles. This time we took walk breaks every mile for 30 seconds, as it is supposed to help save energy and time. It did work we ran each mile from 30 seconds to a minute faster, and I never felt like I was going to die . I was tired but it wasn’t as bad as last week’s long run. So we are quite happy , I haven’t decided if I’ll do this for our Marathon yet, but we’ll see.


On this weeks 20 miler I was able to completed my thousandth mile for this years Thousand Mile Challenge.

So this week I ran a total of – 41.2 miles
Walked a total of – 15.25 miles.
Total miles for 2016 are – 1021.14.
I reached my thousand mile challenge for the year.
I think this was a pretty productive week.

The Soldiers Marathon is another week closer, it will be here quickly. It is to be held on 11/12 and will start at 8 AM, which is better than last years start time . Which was at 7 AM and we barely got there in time to get our bibs and in place. We ran in the Half Marathon last year. We are looking forward to it and also a little worried. I would be very grateful for any advice on how to better prepare for this marathon, since we haven’t done one before.


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Hebrews 12:1

… let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap #22 & 1,000 Mile Challenge Completed”

  1. Congrats on reaching over 1000 miles! That’s a great week. Good luck on your marathon. My best advice for the marathon: Try to enjoy the experience–you only have one first! Practice your nutrition now during your long runs. Try different electrolyte drinks, gels, chews, raisins, PBJ, whatever you plan to eat during the race you should make sure your stomach can handle before the race. Make sure to put Vaseline or other lube EVERYWHERE. Don’t wear anything on race day you haven’t already run in at least once.

    1. Good idea I never thought about giving our food a test run. the Vaseline Everywhere is a good idea also.
      I never had trouble with my clothes rubbing raw spots until we reached 18 miles. It’s been a struggle ever sense.Thank you! I will do my best to enjoy this first marathon, hopefully without any new raw skin.

  2. I love 2toms sport shield to prevent chaffing! Goes on Easy and stayed on for all 20 miles.
    Matt Fitzgerald has a great book on how to eat to avoid the wall. Its been very helpful! The new rules of marathon nutrition

  3. You had a great week of training! Congrats on the 1000 miles. Like I think I said last week, don’t worry too much about pace and enjoy the experience. Go out slow! You have plenty of time to speed up later. I know many people who successfully use a walk/run ratio. Good luck as you continue training. Thanks for linking, Ruth.

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