Weekly Wrap # 23


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This week has been really busy and we enjoyed our runs/walks/bike rides.

My daughters had a slumber party on Friday which was quite fun. They played Clue, flashlight tag and watched Me Before You. Thats  a movie you need a few boxes of tissues to go with it.😭

Most of Saturday was used fighting traffic returning their friends back home.

I also celebrated my 48th birthday Saturday.🙂

9-25 Sunday was or rest day from last weeks long run.We spent the day with our family, playing games and watching football.

9-26 Monday we ran 6.2 easy miles and walked 1.5 miles.

9-27 Tuesday we went out to run stretched and walked and just as we were about to start our run it down pored. We took cover under an eve to see if it would pass by soon. We weren’t lucky, I guess we weren’t meant to run that day. ☹ We did however walk 1.5 miles.

9-28 Wednesday we again couldn’t run , because my husband was pretty late getting home, but I did walk 1.5 miles.

9-29 Thursday We ran 6.66 miles and walked 4.5 miles.

9-30 Friday ran 3.2 miles and walked 4 miles.20161001_190415
10-1 Saturday Ken and I ran 19.25 miles and Cameron biked with us for first13.25 miles and ran the last few miles with us. We had planned on running another mile or two but we were so wore out,we couldn’t   keep on going. It may’ve something to do with a slumber party or that we were running late instead of earlier in the day as usual.

One of many deers we saw while running this evening .

So this week I ran a total of – 35.31miles
Walked a total of – 18.5miles.
Total miles ran for 2016 are – 1056.31
Total run/walked miles – 1074.81

This week we didn’t log as many miles, as last week , but I still think it was a good one.

This coming weekend will be the Lottie Moon run/walk our church holds every year. So if you are looking for a run come and join us we would be happy to see you there. It will start at 9:00, Saturday the 8th.
The Soldiers Marathon is another week closer,this will be our first marathon. We are looking forward to it, hopping we ‘ll be ready.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen

Phil 4:23

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