2014 Race History

Race History 2014

Hot Chocolate
Nashville TN
Ken and I wanted to visit our son who is in the Army and stationed in Kentucky. So we went to this run during our visit with him.
We both ran in the 5k, this was our first big run, they had 3043 runners in the 5k alone.
My time was 30:17,AG was 27 of 243, which was good sense I was getting over a really bad cold.
Ken time was 28:42, AG 14 of 71, this is when I stopped finishing before Ken.
We tried talking Wesley into running with us, he said maybe next year.IMG_3420IMG_3421

Fight for Air Climb
191 PeachTree Towers ,Atlanta
This isn’t a run it’s a climb up 51 floors or 1,275 steps to the top of Peach Tree Towers for the American Lung association . To raise funds to cure lung disease, and to help those who struggle for each breath they take. We do this climb for my Mom who we lost on 2-24 2014.
I was able to climb to the top in 12:07, AG 7 of 37.
Ken reached the top in 11:08, AG 5 of 14.

Chick-fila 10K
Lagrange Ga
This was are first 10 K.
My time was1:00:59 a new PR, 2nd in age group.
Ken did it in 54:37 a new PR, he was 1st in age group.
Way to go for it.10256157_10152192046053492_6683911231498232673_n

Midnight Pajama Jog 5K
Chasten Square Atlanta
My goal was to finish in under 30 minutes.
We went to this one because we could take our dogs along.
I finished in 29:06, 2nd in age group.
Ken’s time was 26:33, 3rd in AG, Riley was the first dog to finish.
Will’s time was 26:26, 1st in AG.
Ruby’s time was 48:17, 7th in AG, she ran with Rexy this was their first race.
Mary’s time was 46:07, 13th in AG, she ran with Peeta he was the smallest dog to run. this was also their first run. As you can see we are trying to get our children interested in running.

Labor Pain Run 10K
Granger Park, laGrange Ga
This run supports a pregnancy center in Lagrange.
My time was 1:07:57, 2nd in AG.
Ken’s time was 1:01:05, 2nd in AG, 3rd in Masters
This was a really tough course with several hills and one that we thought would never end. And to top it off it was really HOT!

Lottie Moon 5k                                                                                                                        9-13-2014                                                                                                               Greenville GaLM2014

This is the second year for us and we have a few more runners this time.
My time was 31:29, 1st in AG
Ken’s time was 25:55, 2nd in AG, This was a new PR and he was only 4 sec. behind the 1st placer.
Will’s time was 27:40, 3rd in AG
Mary’s time was 41:51, 4th in AG
Faiths time was 33:39, 2nd in AG, This was were first race and she was asked to be on a cross country team afterwards.
Hannah’s time was 43:40, 3rd in AG, Not bad for her first run.

Paint the Town Pink 5K2014 Paint the Town Pink 5k

Woodbury GA
This was our second time running in this race.
My time was 29:38, 1st in AG
Ken time was 24:46, 1st in AG
Mary’s time was 32:40, 1st in AG
Faith’s time was 27:26, 1st in AG and 3rd overall winner and PR! Awesome!!!
Hannah’s time was 32:52, 1st in AG

This sure was a full year of running we were very happy that are children have joined in on the fun. Looking forward to the years ahead.